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"Indeed, is a man truly what he sees himself to be?"
"Only if what he sees is true," answered Flewddur. "If there's too great a
difference between his own opinion and the facts--ah--then, my friend, I
should say that such a man had no more substance to him than Goryon's giants!
"Bu don't judge them too harshly," the bard went on. "These cantrev nobles
are much alike, prickly as porcupines one moment and friendly as puppies the
next. They all hoard their possesions, yet they can be generous to a fault if
the mood strikes them. As for valor, they're no cowards. Death rides in the
saddle with them and they count it nothing, and in battle I've seen them
gladly lay down their lives for a comrade. "At the same time," he added,
"it's also been my experience, in all my wanderings, that the further from the
deed, the greater it grows, and the most glorious battle is the one longest
past. So it's hardly surprising how many heroes you run into."
-Prydain Chronicles, Taran Wanderer, by Lloyd Alexander, Taran and Flewddur,
confronted by the petty squabbles of the cantrev nobles, pg 421, recorded