Welcome to, a site featuring several projects resulting from my work as systems engineer, developer, and network administrator, as well as an eclectic mix of other things. In fact the site itself is a development project (built on Mason), arranging itself around all of the above.

I have been involved in all things server, network, email, dns, dhcp, printing, ssh, ldap, database, lan, wireless, voip, dial-in, vpn, electronic medical records, storage, backup, lms, cms, web, file-serving, virtualization, etc... using qmail, qmail-ldap, amavis, maia mailguard, clamav, spamassassin, f-secure, rbldnsd, isc-bind, isc-dhcp, openssh, cups, samba, netatalk, fedora directory server, mysql, mssql, apache, kvm, xen, virtualbox, vmware, etc... on windows and linux, on bare-metal and virtual machine.

My "thesis" on E-mail: The SUNY Potsdam Model: Scalable Open-Source Infrastructure, and several CUPS applications including accsnmp can be found here.