CUPS Applications

CUPS Applications

Various filtering and backend solutions for our CUPS based printing system.

Accounting SNMP Backend -- accsnmp (latest release 2012-04-19)
This hardware accounting backend wrapper queries the printer's page count over SNMP before and after the job, takes the delta and stores it in a text file named for the user. It supports job and user blacklisting.

Lpskim SYSV Interface Script -- lpskim (latest release 2013-12-02)
This SYSV interface script is designed for universal filtering and manipulation of text print jobs, controlled on a per-queue basis from a printcap-like configuration file. It supports regex filtering, delete, insert, cut, copy, paste, replace, append, prepend, pattern-based configuration switching, etc.

Mailbox ImageRUNNER Backend-- mboxir
This backend wrapper is designed specifically to filter jobs into a specified mailbox of a Canon imageRUNNER (iR2270 tested).

PDF Backend -- pdf
A PDF writing backend that uses ghostscript ps2pdf to take your postscript job and convert it to a pdf. It requires a ghostscript install.

A2PDF Backend -- a2pdf
A very special-purpose backend written to allow text-only jobs arriving over legacy LPD to use the formatting options allowed by the very mature a2ps. Formatting parameters are passed through the job title (and in our case, a fileshare parameter into which a pdf will be written). We have an ancient VMS system with a billion old DCL jobs that printed text to printers using PCL formatting strings. We needed the same formatting capability to move from the old line printers to a PDF environment.

LPD Accounting Backend -- lpdacc (no longer maintained 2005-12)
A postscript accounting backend which wraps LPD to search for username, pages, and copies.

PAP Backend -- pap (no longer maintained 2005-12)
An Appletalk backend to print to Appletalk printers over PAP. Requires a Netatalk install.

Postscript Accounting Filter -- psacc (no longer maintained 2005-12)
A postcript accounting filter which searches for username, pages, and copies.