Some of the things I have built or written: software, systems, scripts, tools, applications, configurations...


Infrastructure, applications, systems, networks, architecture, and anything in between.

DNS Infrastructure - Redundant, split-view, DNS/DHCP unified architecture.
EMR Network - Multiple VPNs, secure network layout, encrypted backups, integrated token-based authentication, custom software.
Email - The SUNY Potsdam Model: Scalable Open-Source Infrastructure: RBLs, content scanning, quarantining, directory integration, SAN storage, custom software.
Jack Mapper - Network jack database management and switch administration sandbox web UI.
Printing Services - Hundreds of printers, multiple protocols, cross-platform, accounting, custom software.
Storage Area Network - AoE, iSCSI, GNBD, NFS.
Squirrelmail Maia Integration - Unified login between Squirrelmail and Maia Mailguard.
SSH Gate - OpenSSH, encrypted keys, centralized cron, custom software.
VPN and RAS - Roadwarrior setup on PoPToP, PPP, Samba, LDAP. Legacy RAS.
Virtualization - Virtualization on KVM and Libvirt.
Zeus Administrator Suite - LDAP administration web UI employing full role-based ACIs.


Software, scripts, applications: code. Much is GPL, some is public domain, all is "as-is." Feel free to ask me questions or offer suggestions.

Checkpassword LDAP - Checkpassword implementation authenticating/authorizing against LDAP.
CUPS Applications - Accounting, filtering, PDF-making, and myriad other custom printing needs.
Deployer - A script to deploy files and directory trees.
Eclipse Plugins - A plugin or two for the Eclipse IDE.
Kerm - A simple wrapper for kermit.
Maia Mailguard Enhancements - Added features in Maia Mailguard.
MythTV Stuff - Some minor Myth TV things.
Nagios Plugins - Nagios/Icinga plugins.
OpenSearch Plugins - Search plugins for the web browser.
PSN Extract - PlayStation Network data extract.
Qmail-skim - Qmail-queue filtering replacement.
Snapsync - Differential backup, GFS rotations, user-serviceable.
Squirrelmail Plugins - Added features in Squirrelmail.


Other miscellaneous things.

Apache for Restricted Proxy - Configuration for a restricted Apache proxy server.
Mason Web Server - Ideas and configuration for a Mason-enabled Apache server.
OpenStack - Bits and pieces related to the OpenStack cloud platform.
Packages - RPMs and packages I maintain(ed) for various reasons.