Storage Area Network

Storage Area Network

Our aging NAS setup based on a Linux NFS system needed to be replaced. After extensive research of the traditional fibre-channel and iSCSI solutions, we elected to go with the flexibility of Coraid's ATA over Ethernet (AOE).


Our Coraid SR1520, SR2421, and SRX3200 storage shelves sit on a private LAN, providing AoE LUNs to servers across the enterprise. Most servers make use of raw AoE LUNs directly. For some special storage needs, volumes are wrapped up into a Linux "sanbox" appliance that can manage, aggregate, and re-export storage over a variety of protocols. "Network RAID" is also possible, mirroring data between shelves.


The flexibility, security, and performance of the AoE scales directly with the Ethernet network. AoE is used across the enterprise in a variety of ways:
  • E-Mail: Mailstores stored on XFS on LVM on RAID10 LUNs
  • File Storage: User home directories and administrative shares on XFS on LVM
  • Web Presence: Campus web sites on NFS on XFS on LVM
  • Database Files: Tier 1 database storage on OCFS across shelves
  • Disk Backup: Snapsync to remote storage permitting user-serviceable backups
  • Virtualization: VM images stored on RAID1 SAS LUNs
  • Etc., etc., etc.
We have run the gamut of Coraid devices: SR1520, SR1521, SR2421, SRX3200.

ctime: 2004-07-08