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Fedora RPMS for openssh-lpk (old site). This patch allows an openssh server to lookup authorized_keys info from an LDAP server, and also authorize login based on LDAP group membership. I currently have this working against a Fedora FDS server.

NOTE: I have built these RPMS based on the source RPM from Fedora. The official openssh-lpk patch needs to be modified slightly to fit in with Fedora's chain of patches to stock openssh. Also, the spec file has been modified such that openssh-server is obsoleted (removed) by the renamed openssh-server-lpk when doing an rpm -U. Install the source RPM to get access to the modified patch and spec files, and also the LDAP schema file. Make sure sshd is still in your appropriate runlevels (chkconfig sshd). Finally, I obviously cannot guarantee these RPMs will work on your system so test away.