MythTV Stuff

MythTV Stuff

MythTV is absolutely amazing. I have setup combined frontend/backend boxes on Fedora Core 4, Fedora 7, and Fedora 12 and have not looked back since. Here are some things that may be useful.

Mythfindfile-- mythfindfile
MythTV stores files in fairly cryptic filenames, at least to humans. Since I frequently work with these files from another machine, it quickly became tedious to login to mysql to find the file I wanted. This script allows for listing of all recordings, and also optionally renaming them so that the title/subtitle appears in the filename, moving the files on the filesystem and making the necessary database changes.

See the script itself for full details. This has been designed and tested on mythtv-0.19 and may or may not work with anything else.

NOTE: This search/rename functionality may have been moved into mythrename.

Tips n' Tricks

lirc setup: Lirc can be time-consuming to setup, though the reward is well worth the effort. I have an ATI Remote Wonder that I successfully setup in both Fedoras. Here is my lircd.conf and lircrc, and some stumbling blocks I have hit in Fedora.

  • No symlink in /dev, so lircd will not start. 'cd /dev; ln -s lirc0 lirc'
  • No config file in /etc, so lircd init script will not start. If you cannot find a pre-existing config file, you will need to run irrecord. Start lircd manually at the command line: 'lircd &' and then irrecord.
  • Both lircd and lircrc should be in /etc (perhaps not lircrc but it is easier).
  • Create a symlink to lircrc in your myth user's home: 'ln -s /etc/lircrc ~MYTHUSER/.lircrd'
  • Mythtv only reads lircrc in ~MYTHUSER/.mythtv/lircrc: 'ln -s /etc/lircrc ~MYTHUSER/.mythtv/lircrc'
  • Irexec for useful power button function (see wilsonet)
NOTE: virtually none of the above holds in Fedora 12.

ctime: 2006-07-08