Eclipse Plugins

Eclipse Plugins

I use Eclipse in tandem with the EPIC Perl plugin for most of my development.

Deployer-RSA -- com.primary.deployer_1.0.1.tgz
This is a modified version of the very excellent Eclipse Deployer plugin by Julio Santa Cruz, available at The author of the original version should not be bothered with any complaints about this version.

The original Deployer uses Java Secure Channel to deploy your code to servers over SSH. However, it does not currently support authentication using keys. In this version, if no password is given on the "Properties" page for a file, the plugin shells out to the system scp command to finish, thereby using any keys (RSA/DSA) your user has available. If a password is given, it behaves normally.

This change is necessary in our environment because sysadmins cannot login to servers using passwords, and they do not have physical access to their keys; they must login through the sshgate. As with most Eclipse plugins, unzip the tarball into your Eclipse plugins directory and restart Eclipse. This probably should NOT be installed alongside the original Deployer but used as a replacement.

NOTE: This has been superseded by my new Perl deployer.

ctime: 2006-04-27