Lpdacc is a backend postscript-parsing accounting wrapper for CUPS designed to work with LPD.

NOTE: No longer maintained as of 2005-12

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This is a Perl backend wrapper, which functions almost identically to psacc, but as its name suggests, wraps around the lpd backend. Each job is not accounted until the backend returns that the printer received the job.

Example URI -- lpdacc://

This backend has been developed to completely replace psacc everywhere in our operation. Though psacc functions flawlessly as a CUPS filter, there are some limitations from which the CUPS filter design suffers with regard to accounting that were fatal in our environment:

  • If a queue is paused and restarted, jobs are sent through the filter chain again, and again each time. This means charged for the job each time.
  • On raw queues, jobs do not hit the filter chain and are therefore not accounted. We have had some very bad trouble finding CUPS .ppds/drivers that worked with all flavors of Windows (using cupsaddsmb). Jobs that hit the filter chain produced inconsistent outpout. We ended up switching to an all raw queue model and the Windows Add Printer Wizard.

By the simple virtue of being a backend, these points are moot. Plus, this backend works on raw queues and filtered ones alike.


lpdacc 1.01 (20050210)

- Some cleanup.

lpdacc 1.00 (20040727)

- First release. Wraps lpd backend.