Guild Wars
Guild Wars

I have been playing Guild Wars since it came out, all as a character 'Mangled Knee' (see knee for details). To convince myself that I have not wasted an exorbitant amount of time, I occasionally update this site with 'notable' in-game accomplishments.

One of my notable achievements is reaching Legendary Cartographer status (plus 101/100 map exploration points in GW:EN). See my maps section for some cartographical exploits.

2007-01-14: Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer, Kind of a Big Deal

Once titles were introduced to the game, I noticed that my OCD and natural interest in maps had combined to give me significant progress towards the mapping titles in Tyria and Cantha. Once I had finished all the primary missions, both exploits recognized as the Protector of Tyria and Protector of Cantha titles, with a bit more edge-walking and an eagle eye, I finished mapping what little I had left on those continents. When Nightfall came out, I mapped with aplomb right from the get-go :)

Today I am 'Kind of a Big Deal' because I became an Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer.

I then had some fun with emotes :)

2007-06-02: Tyrian Elite Skill Hunter, People Know Me

Having completed Nightfall's primary missions and earning my sixth title, Protector of Elona, a game update that recognized achievements across all three continents had provided me with a surprise seventh title: Legendary Cartographer.

I then set to work maxxing out the Sunspear and Lightbringer titles with the newly introduced hard mode to earn title eight: Legendary Spearmarshal, and title nine: Holy Lightbringer. Holy Lightbringer is known to me as holy grind, as I spent way too much time killing hard mode demons in an endless loop.

By capping the last skill, 'Glyph of Renewal' from Nayl Klaw Tuthan on Perdition rock, I earned title number ten, Tyrian Elite Skill Hunter.

That means that 'People Know Me', or something like that.

2007-07-15: Canthan Elite Skill Hunter

Off to Cantha to finish capping skills. The last cap was 'Defiant Was Xinrae' from Bound Kaolai in the Tahnnakai Temple (Mission) to finish out title number eleven, Canthan Elite Skill Hunter.

2007-10-22: Elonian Elite Skill Hunter, Legendary Skill Hunter

All these capture signets bankrupted me, but after running through Eye of the North and having gold again, I set about finishing capping skills in Elona. The last cap, 'Healer's Boon' from Josinq the Whisperer in Resplendent Makuun finished out title number twelve: Elonian Elite Skill Hunter. With all three continents capped, that means lucky title number thirteen: Legendary Skill Hunter.